• Ministério da Saúde, Angola

    Year contracts for the supply of essential medicines, parenteral infusions and medical disposables to the Ministry of Health in Angola. These supplies were mostly shipped from China and Malaysia direct, door-to-door, to the warehouses of the Ministry in Luanda and Lobito. We kept control of the quality control, the supply chain and the complete logistics by setting up a temporary office in Shenzhen China, where we kept office for 5 consecutive years. All products were manufactured on GMSI brand, conform latest BP and WHO standards, with all required GMP and CE/ISO licenses.
  • KEMSA Kenya Medical Supplies Authority

    The last 4 consecutive years we were able to win the international tender for the supply of male condoms funded by Global Fund. Together with Lifeline Laboratories Limited and Innolatex Thailand, a WHO pre-qualified supplier part of the Karex Group from Malaysia, we got awarded due to our reliable partnership, our presented quality, our logistic knowledge and knowledge on the local markets in Kenya.
  • Forças Armadas Angolanas, Angola

    Since many years, from our early start the Angola Army Forces have been a loyal client. Among our supplies were medical disposables, parenteral infusions and pharmaceuticals. Of course all based on the latest standards, GMSI branded as this is part of our company policy.
  • Sher Kenya and Ethiopia, Afri Flora, Netherlands

    Totally carried out by our Dutch office, AMS Services BV, we did a project for one of the biggest rose pharms in the world, founded by a Dutch company, to establish a complete new hospital with equipment. The hospital capacity was around 50 beds, with facilities for general surgery, anesthesia, X-ray, maternity, recovery, first-aid, pharmacy and others.
Furthermore to ones mentioned above, we have many private clients in both Angola and Kenya, for which we supplied and are still supplying many different products. In Kenya we setup a branch with Lifeline Laboratories, Ltd for dialysis products, from German origin, which is a big success. We are currently investigating the possibilities to supply the same line of products into Angola with our local partner Selquimica, Lda.