Global Medical Services International

In our opinion every human being should have access to essential medicines of good quality.

It is therefore that our objective is to realise delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products at a low cost.
We do this in developing countries all over the world – with a special focus on Angola, Kenya and other West-African countries. In 2006, the many years of experience we have with pharmaceuticals and health care resulted in the establishment of an international trading company, GMSI Medical Group Limited. Close to our suppliers, close to our best sources, to manage quality inspections, maintain our level of service and to arrange reliable shipments. GMSI focuses on medical (non)disposables, essential medicines and infusion liquids. Our products are manufactured conform common international standards, like BP, CP, USP, CE quality. Some have in-house quality standards for bulk-packing.

Few of the key characteristics of our company are flexibility and quick response time.
Because we have very short lines to the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to respond in a highly flexible and adequate way to the needs of our customers.

Our products carry our own GMSI brand, but we also offer the option of private labelling and packaging for those customers that requires labelling with their own brand.

Based in Hong Kong and China, we also have offices and agents in Kenya, Angola, Portugal and the Netherlands. Through our network, we supply both commercial institutions as well as non-profit organisations, such as national governments, aid organisations, public health and non-governmental organisations.